Monday, February 28, 2011

Pokemon Yellow (Day 4)

Hey Everybody!

I took the day off on Sunday to catch up on some sleep, but we're back and in full swing. I've been grinding like a madman to keep my team as near as possible to the level 30 limit that the Cascade Badge gave me. Good news though! I've gone ahead and defeated Lt. Surge with this Diglett (now Dugtrio) I found. It was a disappointing battle, to say the least, as the super effectiveness of Dig on Raichu was a one-hit kill.

Alright! Welcome to Vermillion City! Too bad we don't have Cut yet.

If memory serves, we should be able to find HM01 amongst other things on the S.S. Anne...

Well, I was partially right. We found this asshole!

After demolishing Gary and rubbing the captain's back, we can wave the ship goodbye.

Back to the Gym we go, only to find that Surge has just one Pokemon to fight us with.

Here's my current team:

And last but not least, here's my current Pokedex standing:

Went back for some more grinding to get Squirtle into a Wartortle, and just as a general way to get everyone's level up to par. Tomorrow we'll find out what Celadon has in store for us.


  1. i remember this, his riachu(sp?) was really annoying

  2. haha I love pokemon! awesome blog :)

  3. I hated having to get Cut. It was such a pain in the ass that I remember that I stopped playing the game when I had to pick up that HM.

  4. Ah, you forgot to get Mew from under the truck ;)

  5. Ahahaha. The last time I played through Pokemon I owned the Sgt. with a little Diglet too. I'm pretty sure I had just caught him from the tunnel and barely leveled him too.

    It's easy when you know the elemental advantages.

  6. I bet you rubbed his back REAL good, I know I did :D

  7. Ahh. It's been so long since ive played my Yellow.
    Sounds like your doing good so far.