Saturday, March 26, 2011

Guess Who's Back, Back Again...

So if you didn't pick up on that because you weren't ever a kid when Eminem was cool, I did in fact use his lyrics for a blog title.

Since that's out of the way now...

I've been gone for a lot longer than I should have, and I won't go into details why (it's not exciting, so don't ask), but in my absence, my Pokemon Yellow got erased. Not a big tragedy since it's just a game, but I really don't feel like going through all of that, so I'm going to pick a new game to play. Or I could just play a bunch of quick ones for a while, we'll see how I feel.

I've gotten a ton of e-mails, and I will be replying to all of your comments throughout the next couple of days, because that's just the nice thing to do.

AP, out!


  1. No rush. Ive been lazy lately too...
    My Pokemon blog went slow so I'm sort of taking a break. Kinda, anyway.
    Too bad it got deleted though.

  2. Thats some nostalgia there. pokemon yellow and eminem. though I still like eminem.