Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pokemon Yellow (Day 7)

Hey Everybody!

Due to unforseen circumstances over the weekend, I wasn't able to get as far as I would have liked. However, this week looks like there's potential to get to the Elite Four, so exciting times are afoot! Well... depending on your idea of exciting.

I've realized something when it comes through this playthrough. Games are never the same the second time around. Don't get me wrong, Pokemon's awesome, but I remember being a kid and wanting to explore every possible aspect about this game. Hell, I even prided myself on having battled every trainer in Red, and I even thought talking to every person was an accomplishment. Now, I'm just looking to get through this game in a reasonable amount of time, but that innocent spirit of gaming is gone. In an attempt to bring back the excitement and "relaxing" aspects of Pokemon, I spent some time in the Safari Zone. I forgot how awful Safari balls are. Seriously, don't ever use them, you'd have a better chance of catching Pokemon with your bare hands. Onward we go!

Oh yeah - I got to Fuschia City!

I had to wake up Snorlax, first.

I hate to waste perfectly good Pokemon, so I caught it!

Shoutout to Rinns, 'cause she mentioned the frustrations of never having enough room.

But wait. AP, what are you doing getting an Old Rod in Vermillion? Aren't you in Fuschia now?

Dear Reader, lest you mistake me for someone who remembers the nuances of this game, I forgot the bike, and I had to go talk to the creepy head of the Pokemon Fan Club.

Oh, and apparently I really like to fish.

Hurry it up, old man, I've got a bike that needs some riding.


OKAY, now we can ride our stupid bikes down stupid Bike Road. Which, I might add, is horrible to go up on.

Almost there!

No time to mess around, I've got a Soulbadge with my name on it, and you're gonna hand it over.

You brought a knife to a gun fight on this one, Koga!

That's more like it. Ninja training mah butt.

Eastward, ho! Saffron, here we come. Oh right, we need something to drink for the guards.

Hey, as long as it gets me where I want to go, help yourself.

Aaaaand here lies our next adventure, this awful building!

That's it for today, if there's anything you've taken away from it, it's this: take time to explore old games again, you owe it to yourself to get the same enjoyment out of it that you once did.


  1. Wooh!
    Oh man I forgot how the old pokemon games you had to be lvl 60-70 for the elite 4. Nowadays you can go in there with pokemon that are only JUST lvl50..

    lol'd @ you not having room haha! :D

  2. Hah, I used to do the same thing. And yeah, those safari balls we're absolute shit!

  3. @Rinns: Yeah I thought you might get a laugh out of that, hope you don't mind the shout out link!

    @Kyle: They may sound exotic, but I agree. They're absolute shit.

  4. Dude, I raged so hard in the safari zone as a kid. I'd waste my pokeballs on stronger and stronger rhyhorns, and then kangaskhan would show up when I had a few left, and I'd be totally useless.

  5. Oh god! I forgot about those Safari Balls. ><

  6. So much win. Nicest Pokemon blog I've found. <3 Now following!

  7. I love the old pokemon games, especially the safari zones :)

  8. aw you skipped lavender town, i wanted my creepy music :(

  9. venemoth is such a badass pokemon

  10. Pokemon yellow was alright. I wasn't a fan of starting with pikachu though

  11. Hahaha, I enjoy this. So much.

  12. Wow I haven't played this in so long!