Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pokemon Yellow (Day 8)

Well! Now that I've re-ground out some levels and re-kicked Koga's ass, it's time to tackle Silph Co. Ran into our good friends Jesse and James (who get called Rocket, as if they were generic...), and that dickwad Gary Oak. I call this, AP's little gallery of kicking ass and taking names.

Whatchu know about weaknesses, son?!

But how? I just wrecked you.

These guys are relentless...

...and weak! Look, Pikachu's bored with their crap too.

I bet he wants to lose, too.

Huh, what a surprise.

Gyeah! Infinite items glitch? Leave a comment.

Oh yeah, AND I got a Lapras.

Now it's time for Sabrina. I wonder if she can predict her loss.

I bet if I threw a Pokeball at it, it'd teleport away and save me a couple PP.

That's right!

Me too, I just beat you with a freakin' Charizard.

You know what that means? More grinding is in my future.

Now for the Fighting Dojo. I don't give a damn if it's out of order.

Heck yeah! I want that Hitmonlee.



That concludes our adventure for today, Dear Reader. Food for thought: Giovanni's typically an Italian name, and the mob is stereotypically Italian. Team Rocket's a mob, and Giovanni's the boss. Hmm...

I'll try to actually do some Pokemon catching tomorrow to help fill out that Pokedex, I figured I'd do what I could to help progress along in the story, ESPECIALLY after not having saved my data yesterday. Sheesh!


  1. Watch out for Misty, I hear shes a golddigger...

  2. LVL 50 Charizard, awesome! slowly building up that pokedex. Seriously, who has a LVL 50 Abra? Sabrina is retarded.

  3. this seriously brings back good memories! when your done with this game, you should do Crystal version next!

  4. I started a new game on yellow because of you <3

  5. Way to kick some ass and take some names!

  6. Good work there. Good work in deed.
    Well, the infinite items hack that I know (MissingNo.) Only works on red and blue (And theres some even more crazy shet in Green version I can't mention here-too long).
    But if it does work in yellow, and im pretty sure it doesn't but if you wana give it a try, talk to old man who teaches you how to catch pokemon, fly directly to Cinabar, surf on right side. 6th item in pack is copied.
    Or, I think..Have a pokemon hold item, deposit into an empty box, switch box and when it asks you to save the game you say yes, but in the middle of it turn off the game.
    Im not sure if those will work for you but there you are.

  7. I totally forgot about that random Lapras that you get there. There kind of came out of left field, didn't it?